The Challenge: Be Toxin Free


Toxic chemicals don’t belong in our bodies – not in the food we eat, the water we drink, the clothing we wear and the goods we purchase. From arsenic to asbestos, pesticides to phthalates – the list of chemicals that have been found in our homes, in our bodies and in the environment is endless.

From your cell phone to your cookware, toxic ingredients may be in more of your favorite products than you realize. The challenge? Avoiding possible hazards in the products you buy for your child, searching for safe, effective sunscreen, trying to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation, and finding answers so you know what’s in the products you love.*


Unfortunately, the only real way to avoid toxins in the products you use is to do the research. Luckily The Environmental Working Group has created consumer guides for a variety of categories for products that frequently include toxins.


Personal Care Products


Baby Care Products

Green Cleaning

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