Access and Retention:

  1. There will be limited access to personnel records; at this time, the Director has the only access
  2. All physical files will be kept in a locked cabinet; computer files are to be password protected.
  3. All records shall be archived for at least seven (7) years from termination. Records for Civil Service Employees hall be maintained according to Civil Service guidelines. These guidelines can be found at
  1. Basic File Contents:
    Completed application, start date and date of Board of Trustee approval.
  2. Copies of Social Security Cards and photo ID (eg., driver’s license)
  3. Current contact information including address, phone number, cell phone number and email address.
  4. Emergency contact information to be reviewed as part of employee evaluations.
  5. Copies of any commendations and/or disciplinary actions.
    Exit interview notes.