Truth Matters: How to Defeat Social Media Disinformation

Thursday, August 8 • 6:30pm

Fake News and the spread of Disinformation is nothing new, but there is no doubt that the digital age has seen an exponential growth in the spread and rate at which it travels. So how do we stop it, how do we prevent falling victim to it, and how do we recognize it when we see it?

Andrew Edwards, an expert on disinformation with a focus on social media and how to detect and combat it, will be in the library to discuss the effects of technology and how it relates to disinformation, particularly in relation to how disinformation intersects with news across a broad array of topics.


Andrew has been a guest on NPR, as well as the Randall Martin show on local radio station WGXQ. He interviewed Malcolm Nance on his podcast and recently gave a presentation about disinformation at the annual meeting of PR Boutiques International in NYC. In 2004, he co-founded the Digital Analytics Association. He is also the author of the forth-coming book,  “Army of Liars” to be published in September. It’s about social media, extremism, section 230 and how disinformation gets distributed.