Sirens and Superstars — 70 Years of Women’s Contributions to the American Music Landscape

Saturday March 20th 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Songs from the 1930s through the 90s — Sirens and Superstars is a “herstory” showcase that celebrates 70 years of women’s contributions to the American Music landscape. The journey begins in the 1930s with the “Queen of Swing,” Mildred Bailey, and the Boswell Sisters. It ends in the 1990s with songs by the powerhouse, genre-crossing hitmakers Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Join Rhonda Denét, a vocalist, songwriter and bandleader as she presents her unique interpretations of these classic songs.

While music fans around the world are often aware of the work of these extremely talented women, this program will place their art in the larger context of the American music landscape and highlight the impact they have had on America’s musical evolution.

This event will be held live online.


This event is part of Women’s History Month Kingston 2021.  Learn more at WHMK.org

Women's History Month Kingston