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Second Chance Book Club @ Half Moon Cafe: The Afghan Vampires Book Club

Saturday, August 5 • 3pm

Every First Saturday of the Month at 3pm, we invite you to join us at Half Moon Rondout Café (36 Broadway in the Rondout) for coffee, donuts, and conversation.
For each date, we’ve chosen a book that was written by an author following the success of that author’s viral bestseller. As readers, many of us scan the Bestseller Lists to find a new, noteworthy book…and then forget to keep track of the author’s career.
Together, we’ll revisit some of these books and decide if we’ve stumbled on an overlooked gem, or if that author was simply a flash in the pan. Either way, we’ll all enjoy donuts, so there’s nothing to lose.

August’s book is The Afghan Vampires Book Club by Gary Barker (Best known for The Museum of Lost Love). 
In the 25th year of the US-Afghan War, US forces suffer their single largest loss: more than two hundred US soldiers are killed in a massive attack. Rumors circulate that one soldier made it out: Captain Tanner Jackson. The search for this lost survivor leads British journalist John Fox to a cave where Captain Jackson is held hostage by a combatant unlike any seen before. The Afghan Vampires Book Club is an edgy, political and thrillingly contemporary novel about America’s war in Afghanistan. The novel is a dark and satirical examination of the way the US treats its veterans, and of the ultimate foolishness of armed conflict and violence.
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