Recycle Right!

Tuesday, February 21 • 6pm

Why can’t ALL plastics be recycled? What does the chasing arrows symbol really mean? Are pizza boxes in or out? Should you recycle that coffee cup? What about broken dishes? Putting unaccepted items in the recycling bin can damage equipment, harm workers, and reduce the value and environmental benefits of recycling.

 In this class, you will learn: How does recycling ‘work’ in Ulster County? What are the benefits of recycling correctly? What makes something ‘recyclable’ or not?  What is ‘wishcycling’ and how does it affect the recycling process?
This class will be hosted by Angelina Brandt, Director of Sustainability of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency, in collaboration with Kingston Library’s monthly Sustainability Challenge.
 pre-register for this class to receive a free kit (walk-ins are also welcome).