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Listening to the Ancestors: Black Feminists & Abolitionists Speak

Saturday, December 3 • 2pm

A Literary and Historical Presentation
IONE has unearthed the 19th Century stories of courageous and talented women and men in her family.  Feminists and abolitionists, authors and publishers, conductors on the Underground Railroad, she brings their voices forward, sharing evocative images and passages from her own book Pride of Family; Four Generations of American Women of Color. Currently considered a classic, it was a NY times Notable book and on The NY Public Library’s List of 25 Books to Remember on its first  publication, currently an audio book and an e–Book.
IONE shares selections from  her great Grandmother Frances Anne Rollin’s 1868 Diary, (the earliest known written by a southern Black woman ) and her book Life and Public Services of Major Martin R. Delany, an elder Black statesman, highly regarded by President Lincoln. Rollin’s book is the first full length biography by a person of color.  We meet the five Rollin sisters-ardent lobbyists for feminist and abolitionist causes. during the Reconstruction period in SC and we hear selections of, IONE’S great aunt Charlotte Rollin’s1869 speech as chair of the first Women’s Rights conference of South Carolina.  We also meet her pacifist great uncle, Philadelphia publisher and Underground Railroad “conductor’  William S. Whipper. Copious visuals and Q& A
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