Build Your Business Series: Media + Website Audit – Optimize your online presence

Wednesday, April 28th at 7:00 PM

During the LACE Photo Media Website + Instagram Audit, we’ll select one participant and do a live digital review of their website and Instagram account. We’ll begin by reviewing their Instagram account and how they can implement best practices, improve their post engagement, increase following, analyze posts’ performance, and the tools they can utilize to do this. We’ll then hop over to their website to review their overall branding implementation, design, navigation, and give our top tips on how to improve these areas and optimize their online presence for increased sales conversions.

Lucia + Alicia started LACE Photo Media, a full-service brand strategy and design firm, four years ago in their hometown of Gardiner, New York. They’ve had the honor of working with small local businesses and large scale, household name brands alike. They love helping businesses establish a digital presence that resounds with their values, mission, and target market so that they can grow and thrive!


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The four-part virtual “Build Your Business” series is presented in partnership with the Ulster County Library Association, every Wednesday in April from 7-8pm. Topics cover public speaking, task management, leading your business to success, and optimizing your online presence for your business or future business. ⁠