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Behind the Universe with Eliot Brown

Saturday, April 20 • 10am

Behind The Universe

Marvel, DC and the rest… the world of comics has changed and stayed the same. It is still one person at a time on each page at each step of the way…

This symposium is directed at anyone who wants to get better acquainted with the people behind the comics. The creation of comics. How to tell stories. The complications of drawing comics, especially in modern, digital times. How to make a submission that has a better chance of being accepted. Questions can be asked, maybe answered! All ages are welcome.

For what it is worth, there will be a pad of paper that might convey ideas, some solid—some crack-pot, about filling that most deadly encounter in comics—a blank page!

Eliot Brown worked at Marvel between 1978 and 1986. While on-staff, he performed almost every function there was to do and initiated some new ones. Working on the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, he became known for making intricate technical drawings of many of Marvel’s characters, buildings, hardware, weapons, etc. As a freelancer, he is known for The Punisher Armory, a collection of actual weapons and hardware. Also The Iron Manual, a docu-comic about the design and technical history of the various Iron Man suits.