Adults Community,

Annual Library Election

Tuesday, September 19 • 10am - 8pm

Kingston Library will hold its annual tax levy vote and Trustee election on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.


The September 19th library election will be held from 10am to 8pm at Kingston Library, 55 Franklin Street which is the sole polling place for voting. Absentee ballots will be sent to shut-ins in the city of Kingston or can be requested by contacting the library directly at 845.331.0507. Absentee ballots must be returned to the library by 5pm September 19, 2023. All registered voters living in the City of Kingston are eligible to vote.

At the September 19th election, voters will be electing three Trustees to the 9-member Kingston Library Board of Trustees each for a term of three years. The candidates running for those seats are incumbents Joseph Braby, Ursula Inghem, and Frances Cathryn Vigna.


Also on the ballot is a proposition to seek approval of a tax appropriation of $1,095,717 to support the operation of Kingston Library in 2024. The $1,095,717 tax appropriation request is a 6% increase over the 2023 appropriation of $1,034,585 or a total increase of $61,132.


The primary budget areas that are being increased are staff salaries and benefits, insurances, technology expenses, and adult circulating materials to allow for increases in digital materials including eBooks through Libby and streaming content through Hoopla. Increases in utility costs have been mitigated by the library receiving electricity from the Radio Kingston Community Solar Array. Other expenses have been held steady where possible.


For further information about the library election, call Margie Menard at 845.331.0507 x1000.