A. Use of Meeting Rooms and Other Library Spaces

  1. A community room and other spaces are available in the Kingston Library primarily to support library programs and functions that carry out the mission of the library. The parking lot shall be used only for parking or for library sponsored programs. The community room and other spaces are available for use free of charge to area not-for-profit organizations and service groups and to Ulster County-based community organizations, agencies and affinity groups for public meetings or scheduled activities during regular library hours, when it is not already in use by the library itself.
  2. Meeting rooms are not intended to function as administrative offices for organizations or individuals.
  3. Meeting rooms may be used for commercial or profit-making purposes, as long as the meetings are free and open to the public. The rental fee for the space is S50 per hour.
  4. Except for meetings called by service organizations for their membership, or by public agencies for their clientele, all programs shall be free and open to the public. Only in instances specifically approved by the Library Director or Director’s representative, may affinity groups or not-for-profit organizations request donations to offset the expenses of programs they present.
  5. In accordance with the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, Article 6, the library does not limit use of meeting spaces based on the subject matter or content of the meeting or on the beliefs or affiliations of the meeting’s sponsors [Exhibit B]
  6. Organizations or groups using meeting spaces must limit their discussions and activities to the meeting spaces designated by the library for their use. A notice of upcoming meetings of a group or organization may be posted in the library if approved by the Library Director or the Director’s representative.
  7. No selling, solicitation or taking of orders may occur in any meeting without written permission of the Library Director.
  8. Any group wishing to use the library’s meeting rooms must submit an application at least two weeks before the event [Exhibit D]. Applications are available at the library or may be requested by phone at (845) 339- 4260.
  9. They are to be submitted to the Library Director or the Director’s
    representative at the Library’s Administrative Office, 55 Franklin Street, Kingston, NY 12401, or by fax at (845) 331,- 79Bt A copy of the policy for the use of meeting spaces will be provided with the application for meeting room use.
  10. The library encourages use of meeting rooms for diverse events and groups and seeks to give all eligible organizations an opportunity to use our facilities. For these reasons, no group may reserve a room more than 12 months in advance. Meeting rooms may not be scheduled by the same group for the same activity more than 12 times in a 12-month period without prior approval of the Library Director,
  11. Groups or organizations using the library’s meeting rooms are expected to prepare the space for the event. When the event is concluded, furniture and equipment used must be returned to their original locations and the room must be left clean, neat and in good condition. lf kitchen facilities are used, they must be cleaned. Garbage must be bagged and placed in the trash receptacles provided. lf the premises are not left in an orderly condition, future group or individual meetings may be denied. Groups and organizations are encouraged to provide their own equipment. Availability of equipment belonging to the library cannot be guaranteed.
  12. Use of library meeting rooms does not imply endorsement, support or co-sponsorship by the Kingston Library of the activities that take place in the meeting rooms or other library spaces or of the beliefs of the groups using the facilities. Groups using meeting rooms may not imply that the event or program is sponsored, co-sponsored or endorsed by the library in any advertising or publicity.

Displays and Exhibits

The Board of Trustees and the staff of the library will provide the public with as many attractive, educational and cultural exhibits as possible in the library. The interest of all groups in using the display and exhibit space is welcomed. ln accordance with the Library Bill of Rights, Article 6, the library does not limit the availability of exhibit space based on the subject matter or content of the display proposed or on the beliefs or affiliations of those requesting to use it [Exhibit B]

The Library Director may grant the privilege of placing exhibits and displays in the library, subject to review by the Board of Trustees and to the following conditions:

  1. No poster, display, exhibit, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet or booklet shall be exhibited, displayed or placed in the library for distribution without permission from the Library Director or the Director’s representative.
  2. The tastefulness and appropriateness of any display, exhibit, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet or booklet accepted for placement in the library may be considered by the Library Director or the Director’s representative in deciding whether to grant the privilege of exhibit, display or placement of material in the library. Displays and other materials that are solely commercial in focus are not appropriate.
  3. No outside organization or individual shall be permitted to place in the library any box, receptacle or canister which solicits donations nor shall any poster or display be permitted which advocates or solicits consideration of any product or item sold by any outside commercial or charitable enterprise. However, posters announcing fundraisers or programs sponsored by any educational, religious or fraternal organization may be displayed provided they are of reasonable size and there is room to post them neatly. Such displays shall be allowed on a “first come-first served” basis.
  4. Whenever possible displays or exhibits shall incorporate related books or materials from the Library’s collection.

The library will take reasonable care to ensure the safety and security of items displayed. However, the library has limited insurance to cover exhibit items and assumes no responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage. Exhibitors are encouraged to insure items of value and will be required to complete a form [Exhibit E] that releases the library from responsibility for loss, damage or destruction.