This Workplace Safety Policy is designed to comply with the Standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and to endeavor to maintain a safe and injury/illness free workplace. A copy of the OSHA Safety and Health Standards 1910 are available for all employees use and reference.

Compliance with the following Workplace Safety Policy and all items contained therein is mandatory for all employees of the Library. The authorization and responsibility for enforcement has been given primarily to the Library Director.

  1. Policy
    It is Library policy that accident prevention be a prime concern of all employees. This includes the safety and well-being of our employees, and patrons, as well as the prevention of wasteful, inefficient operations, and damage to property and equipment.
  2. Applicability
    This Workplace Safety Policy applies to all employees of Kingston Library, regardless of position within the company. The Safety Rules contained herein apply to all subcontractors and anyone who is on a Library project site.
    Every employee is expected to comply with the Workplace Safety Policy, as well as OSHA Health and Safety Standards.
  3. Implementation
    This Workplace Safety Policy supports four (4) fundamental means of maximum employee involvement:
    • Management commitment to safety;
    • Effective job safety training for all categories of employees;
    • Risk assessment provided to all employees;
    • Safety presentations given at the direction of the Library Director.The Director and appropriate staff will meet regularly to evaluate all areas of safety and make recommendations to the Library Board of Trustees.
  1. Administration
    The Workplace Safety Policy will be carried out according to written guidelines established and published in this and other related procedures. Specific written instructions and assistance will be provided by the Library Director as requested.Each employee will be responsible for meeting all of the requirements of the Workplace Safety Policy, and for maintaining an effective accident prevention effort within his or her area of responsibility. Each employee must also ensure that all accidents are thoroughly investigated and reported to the Library Director or appropriate staff on the same day of the occurrence.
  2. Reporting of Injuries
    All employees will be held accountable for filling out a “Notice of Injury Form” immediately after an injury occurs, even if medical treatment is not required. (Notice must be made at or near the time of the injury and on the same day of the injury.) Employees must report the injury to their supervisor. A casual mentioning of the injury will not be sufficient. Employees must let their supervisor know:
    • How they hurt themselves;
    • What they were doing at the time;
    • Who they were working with at the time;
    • When and where it happened;
    • Other pertinent information that will aid in the investigation of the incident.
      Failure to report an injury immediately (meaning at or near the time of the injury and on the same day of the injury) is a violation of the Workplace Safety Policy, and may result in immediate termination, in accordance with company policy.
  1. Notifications
    1. In Case of Serious Injury or Death
      After the injured person has been taken to the hospital, the supervisor shall notify the Library Director and/or appropriate staff as soon as possible. Statements from witnesses shall be taken. Statements are to be signed by witnesses and should include the time and date. Photographs of the area where the incident occurred and any other relevant items are to be taken. The Library Director will assist in the investigation. The completed accident report form will be shared with the Library Board of Trustees.
      B. In Case of Inspection by OSHA Inspector
      The supervisor must notify the Library Director or appropriate staff that an OSHA Inspector is onsite. It is the responsibility of all employees to make the inspector’s visit of the Library as pleasant and timely as possible.
  2. Basic Safety Rules
    1. Compliance with applicable federal, state, county, city, client, and company safety rules and regulations is a condition of employment.
    2. All personnel will be required to attend safety meetings as stipulated by project requirements in order to meet OSHA Safety Standards.
    3. Illegal drugs are not allowed on library property at any time. The use or possession of illegal drugs on the library property will result in immediate termination.
    4. Housekeeping shall be an integral part of every job. Supervisors and employees are responsible for keeping their work areas clean and hazard free. Clean up is required when a job is finished at the end of the day.
    5. All extension cords shall be checked by a designated competent person each month. Cords and equipment that do not meet requirements shall be immediately removed from service.
    6. Report all unsafe conditions and near accidents to the Library Director so corrective action can be taken. Warning signs, barricades, and tags will be used to fullest extent and shall be obeyed.
  3. Enforcement of Safety Policy
    Safety violation notice(s) shall be issued to any employee violating the safety rules or regulations by the Library Director.

    1. Any violation of safety rules can result in suspension or immediate termination.
    2. Any employee receiving three (3) written general violations within a six (6) month period shall be terminated.
    3. Issuance of a safety violation notice for failure to report a job injury (at the time of the injury) may result in immediate termination, in accordance with company policy.