The Challenge: Go to Therapy


Comprehensive analysis has found therapy to be effective for a range of mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders. Additional studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating various mental health issues, with enduring positive effects observed in the reduction of symptoms and improvement in overall functioning.

Even if you do not have specific mental health goals or challenges you are facing, therapy can help you overcome mental obstacles. The goal of therapy is to help you identify dysfunctional patterns, understand how those patterns developed, and how they may impact your well-being.*




Tracking down a therapist with availability who you like and can also afford can be difficult, but not impossible. A recent article on NPR compares finding a therapist to apartment-hunting in a crowded housing market. “Demand is high, availability is limited. It requires persistence, flexibility, and the knowledge that you may not be able to check every one of your boxes.”

Step 1: Figure out what you need help with

Step 2: Assess your financial resources

Step 3: Do some searching – and understand credentials

Step 4: Assess if they’re a fit for you, personally and culturally

Step 5: Reach out, and persist

Step 6: Interview a prospective therapist

Step 7: Try at least three to five sessions**

Learn More about Each Step

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While training and credentials should be reviewed—and Psychology Today verifies the credentials of many professionals in its directory—studies indicate that the most important factor is the therapeutic alliance, or the relationship the client develops with the therapist and their ability to work together to achieve the client’s goals.


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