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More Local Events
Audit System and Payment Procedures
Approved by the Kingston Library Board on November 19, 2009
  1. Appropriate person develops order/expenditure
    • Order is developed in compliance with Kingston Library's procurement policy
  2. The order/expenditure is given to the Director to be signed
    • The Director will confirm the budget line and budget amount remaining to pay for request
  3. Order will be placed
    • After the item comes in, the bookkeeper will check the invoice and shipping list (where applicable) to ensure all is in check
  4. The month's vouchers to be paid are listed and distributed at meetings of the Executive Committee or the Board
    • This list will include payee, amount, budget line, and check number
  5. Board or Executive Committee approves list
  6. Checks are sent out the next day and the changes are made in the budget (profit and loss statement)