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Policies and Procedures

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  1. The Library Collection
  2. Library Bill of Rights
  3. New York Freedom of Information Law
  4. Kingston Library / Friends of Kingston Library Memorandum of Agreement
  5. Patron Service
  6. Use of Library Materials and Services
  7. Use of Facilities by the Public
  8. Vulnerable Adults
  9. Safety and Security
  10. Workplace Safety
  11. Business Continuity
  12. Law Enforcement Inquiries
  13. Public Relations
  14. Patron Conduct
  15. Personnel
  16. Recruitment and Hiring
  17. Personnel Records
  18. Kingston Library Board Trustee Code of Conduct and Ethics Statement
  19. Holidays and Bad Weather Conditions
  20. Procurement Policy
  21. Capital Assets
  22. Audit System and Payment Procedures
  23. Cash on Premises
  24. Investment Policy
  25. Review and Revision of the Library's Policy
  26. Policy Exhibits