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Teen Links

Here are a few links to web sites designed just for teenagers. Many of these sites have been chosen by teens just like you! If you have a suggestion for adding a new link, please let us know.

Site Name Reviewer Comments

Teen Growth

"A lot of information on each topic; many topics available to explore. Appealing and very easy to navigate. A lot of facts. Lets you make your own informed choice."


"An abundance of information for young people confused or concerned about sex. Easy to find what you're looking for. Great site."

"AMAZING!! Functional and interesting. Tremendous range of topics that are not overwhelming or preachy; Extremely credible source. Teen section aside from adult and kid parts."


"A colorful design, well updated website. Writtten in words teens understand-story form. Links on many subjects."

Sex, Etc.

"Made for teens, (both) boys and girls. Covers all issues. Teenagers are on the editorial board. Lots of information and laws."

"Variety of topics useful to girls. Information is easily accessible and a lot of it. Very helpful to middle school and early high school girls."

NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse

"Plenty of info about almost any drug. Infromation is very scientific. Information for teens, parents and teachers."

Freevibe (by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign)

"Enjoyed this website. Gave all the facts (useful to save someone's life). Stories from kids about drug use. Funny, sarcastic e-cards for friends. Very teenage geared; loads of information and quizzes."

SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

"Information on coping with loss of friends or loved ones, suicide prevention and depression basics. Reveal signs and warnings on people's actions or emotions. Tells how to get help."

Men's Health Center

"Answers a lot of questions men have; information is great and up to date. Lots of links; great website."

GoAsk Alice!

"Loved this site. Like a "Dear Sally" with issues people my age are concerned about. Questions and answers had so much information; many different topics. Great site."


"Opinions and real situations of people going through the same as you. Very interesting."

"Information for men and women, who have been victims of sexual assault, and for family and friends of victims. Made it clear men can be victims of sexual assault, too. Many links to other helpful sites."

Crisis Services Kids Helpline

"Set up very well. Organized into topics of information and help lines, ensuring a thorough range of help for each person."